What a find

There's nothing like finding supplies you forgot you had; Earlier, while looking for something else, I happened upon a pack of watercolor crayons I'd bought like three years ago, used for about twenty seconds, and tossed aside.

So Happy!!! =)

Maybe I've been watching too many Taylor Swift music videos, or maybe it's the fact that I'm bundled up and cozy inside on a rainy day, but all I know is that I'm content. A little hungry, but very content.

As I sit here alone, waiting for Tim to get home from work, I know I'm happy. I feel like such a lucky girl, I have the support and love of great family and friends, a boyfriend who just seems to get me and a great, big unknown future ahead of me, a future that is bound to be full of great things.

Sure, I'm always scared about the unknown, but right now, in this exact moment, I'm content.